Indian Cowboy Trail

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Great American West | United States
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I crafted this itinerary drawing inspiration from the stories of the wars between Native Americans and settlers. Indeed, along this journey, there are many battles and testimonies you can encounter. I wanted to create a route that highlights and narrates the two aspects and perspectives of this region: Indians and Cowboys.

Day 1 and 2: Denver

Denver serves as the gateway to numerous itineraries and to the region of the Great American West. Founded during the gold rush in 1858 and located at an altitude of 5,280 feet, exactly one mile, hence its nickname Mile High City. Its altitude makes this city unique for its blue skies and scorching sun.

Art, nightlife, breweries, shopping are just some of the experiences you can have in Denver, without overlooking the easily accessible outdoor excursions even on a short stay. Rich in historical landmarks like the museum grave of Buffalo Bill.

Accommodation: Holiday Inn Express Downtown or similar

Day 3 and 4: Cheyenne

We then leave the capital of Colorado to head towards the capital of Wyoming: Cheyenne. Before arriving in Cheyenne, a stop in Fort Collins is necessary. The town is now a vibrant place full of art and lively venues. Famous for its history dating back to the mid-1800s Indian wars when the town was called Camp Collins.

Arriving in Cheyenne, we officially enter the wild west scenario we've always imagined and perhaps dreamt of. Here, cowboy culture is everywhere, from the saloons to the giant boots scattered throughout the city. Experience the rodeo and, if you take this tour in the summer, you can't miss the Cheyenne Frontier Days.

Staying for two nights is necessary not only to fully experience the city but also to discover its surroundings, like Carbon County. Leaving the city and driving north will also allow you to visit another historical site: Fort Laramie.

Accommodation: Little America Hotel or similar

Day 5: Casper

Leaving Cheyenne, you'll journey into the heart of Wyoming, towards territories that have seen gold rushes, bison hunts, wars, and stories from the wild west. We'll spend the night in Casper, which will be our starting point for various experiences, including the Indian reservation and the Wind River Wild Horse sanctuary.

Accommodation: Best Western Casper Inn & Suites with breakfast or similar

Day 6 and 7: Cody and Yellowstone

Founded by a man named William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody in 1901, the city, besides being the ideal place to fully enjoy cowboy culture, is located on the doorstep of Yellowstone Park, an excellent alternative for those who prefer not to stay inside the park (less than an hour's drive away). The experiences are plentiful, especially if you want to make the most of the park.

Accommodation: Chamberl Inn Cody or similar

Day 8: Buffalo

We then reach the town of Buffalo, a true wild west experience in a town with fewer than 5,000 souls where figures like Teddy Roosevelt, Calamity Jane, and other Old West icons have passed through. From here, you can visit the monument to John "Portugee" Phillips, his historic ride is linked to the late 1800s Indian wars and the forts Laramie and Collins.

Accommodation: Quality Inn or similar

Day 9: Devil 's Tower

Once you leave Buffalo, head east to a mystical, spiritual location steeped in ancient Indian legends: Devil's Tower. Standing over 5,000 feet tall, it owes its name to a misinterpretation of the name given by Native Americans: Mato Tipila, which means Bear Lodge. The name refers to the legend that the grooves that characterize the entire mountain are the result of scratches from a giant bear attacking girls, who were then saved by the Great Spirit and brought to safety at the top. The mountain is sacred to the Lakota, Cheyenne, and Kiowa peoples, who consider climbing it a sacrilege. Here, you'll also have an unforgettable stargazing experience as it's a Dark Sky site.

Accommodation: Best Western Inn at Sundance with breakfast or similar

Day 10: Deadwood

Two Days in Deadwood | Travel South Dakota

We then leave the wonderful state of Wyoming to head to the third state of this journey, where the spirit of the natives is strong and proud, perceptible in every shade of South Dakota. You'll sleep in the marvelous Deadwood, a town of about 1,200 inhabitants but a destination for many travelers from around the world who want to discover the spirit of the west.

Accommodation: Springhill Suites by Marriott with breakfast or similar

Day 11: Custer

In the heart of the famous Black Hills, Custer is the ideal place to discover the wild nature, go on a safari to see the hundreds of bison in the park, and observe the wild spirit of the west that South Dakota can offer. Heading south, you'll visit Hot Springs and discover the native culture of Pine Ridge Reservation.

Activity: Buffalo Safari (optional, not included)

Accommodation: Best Western Buffalo Ridge Inn with breakfast or similar

Day 12: Rapid City

After an intense day, we head north towards the vibrant Rapid City. This town is a true South Dakota experience, where native culture and the west meet and sometimes clash. Before arriving in the city, in the morning, we'll visit the famous and patriotic Mount Rushmore, and in the afternoon, the Crazy Horse Monument and its magnificent cultural center, where you can get up close to the monument on a school bus. At sunset, you can witness a laser show, which I recommend not missing for any reason.

Accommodation: Hotel Alex Johnson or similar

Day 13: Return

This itinerary is designed to give you a taste of the cultures, landscapes, and history of this small part of the States. However, if before returning to civilization you want to make a brief stop, I recommend adding the Chicago Express tour.

© Itinerary conceived, created, and experienced by Paolo Aloe (The Crocodile)

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