Our team

Simona Tonali
Co-Founder & CEO
My love for Africa has no equal and I love to get lost in its landscapes. But my real passion is to discover culinary specialties from all over the world. I am responsible for booking and your next truly customized trip.
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Paolo Aloe
Co-Founder & Product Manager
You can call me The Wild Crocodile or simply Crocodile. My job is to find around the world the best experiences to be included in your next trip. I'm also coach of the Siam Viaggi travel advisors.
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Our Story

Nasce Siam Viaggi
Hello from Simona Tonali and Paolo Aloe, owners of the Siam Viaggi Tour Operator.

Since 2013, we have been studying personalised travel programmes and itineraries to help our customers enjoy exclusive and truly fulfilling experiences, created to meet their individual needs and expectations.

But to be fair, it wasn’t always like that. At the beginning of our activity we were a generalist travel agency, with a headquarters open to the public in Lecco, and treated all the countries and tourist destinations in the world.

We proposed, that is, standard offers and tourist stays pre-packaged by the big companies of tourism, wherever there was demand, without distinction. But we soon realized that doing business that way was not what we wanted for our satisfaction and that of our customers.
Siam Viaggi diventa Tour Operator
We wanted more professionally. Taking care of everything a little bit, in fact, did not allow us to transmit real value to people and not even to put to use our knowledge and direct experiences on the territories, lived as passionate travellers, even before as professionals in the tourism sector.

So we closed the Road Travel Agency forever and opened an office as a Tour Operator with the aim of designing and building from scratch travel only in specific areas of the world, also creating our first brand Travel Australia (today Travel Oceania).
Nascita degli altri brand
These are the nations and countries that we love most and that we have enclosed within our 3 Brands: Travel Oceania, Travel North America and Travel South Africa.

Here we are sure that we can make a difference by advising our customers, because these are territories in which we have travelled countless times in the past and that we continue to explore every year without stopping, in order to experience and experience the attractions and travel options we present during our consultations.
It may seem strange to you, but this is why we call ourselves Siam(o) Viaggi. For us to create a journey is a bit like leaving with the customer, we identify and excite together with him as if it were the first time.

This fills us with joy and enormous satisfaction, but what does it actually mean for you? It means that we do not need to browse through brochures and tourist programs prepared by others, nor do we have limits or agreements imposed by suppliers, but we are completely independent and can draw your trip as an original mosaic.
We build the frame, but the tiles inside you decide only you, putting in all the colors, scents, landscapes, experiences and adventures you want. If you like this work philosophy and it goes with your personality as a traveller, then why don’t you test us?

If you like this work philosophy and it goes with your personality as a traveller, then why don’t you test us?
Go to the "Plan your trip" section and fill out the form to arrange a travel advice with us.
We look forward to meeting you and being able to talk to you face to face.

We are waiting for you!

Greetings from
Simona and Paolo