The gold rush in Australia

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This tour I created to give space to one of the historical events that characterized the life of this country, events that we often forget. Even Australia had its great period of the gold rush, where people from all over the world crossed the oceans in search of fortune. In this journey, you will delve into the real Australia, from the most famous cities to the most remote locations, from the coasts to the red desert, amidst landscapes and wild nature, following in the footsteps of those who built this nation.

Day 1: Arrival in Melbourne

For years, Melbourne has been crowned the "most livable city in the world", and if I had to choose a city to live in Australia, I would not hesitate to opt for Melbourne. The European influence, including the Italian one, is felt and seen in every corner, but at the same time, its identity is strong and dominant. Art is an important component of the city, from street art to galleries, from monuments to sculptures popping out from balconies. You can experience Melbourne during the day and at night, from sports to the high life, from botanical gardens to markets. You will spend these days discovering an incredible city, easy to get around with public transportation, which is also mostly free in the city. And if you have some extra time, you can also explore the fashionable aspect of St Kilda Beach.

Accommodation: The Victoria Hotel or similar

Days 2 - 3: Melbourne

During these two days, you will have the opportunity to explore Melbourne on your own, as well as on a guided walking tour, taking you through backstreets and to the most beloved places by its citizens. You will discover small cafés, designer ateliers, street artists, and hear many interesting stories. It will be a visit that stimulates all your senses, including taste! You will have the chance to taste chocolate and tea in good company.

Accommodation: The Victoria Hotel or similar
Included activity: Guided tour of Melbourne in English

Day 4: Melbourne - Apollo Bay

Today, the road trip begins. After picking up the car in the city, head south towards one of the most beautiful scenic roads in the world: the Great Ocean Road. Besides its scenic beauty, the GOR is the world's largest war memorial, as it was hand-built by World War I veterans. This road should be taken at a leisurely pace, enjoying the beaches, eucalyptus forests, and surf spots. Your first stop will be Apollo Bay.

Accommodation: Apollo Bay Guest House, including breakfast or similar

Day 5: Apollo Bay - Port Campbell

Continue your journey along the Great Ocean Road, amidst its spectacular landscapes, with the sea on one side and the heights on the other, passing through small towns and surf shops along the way. Even if you don't surf, make sure to make some stops—it's worth it! The main highlight will be Port Campbell, where you can admire the Twelve Apostles with a helicopter flight. There isn't much distance to cover, so you can enjoy this day with serenity.

Accommodation: Waves Port Campbell, including breakfast or similar

Day 6: Port Campbell - Ballarat (Sovereign Hill)

Leaving the ocean behind, drive north towards Ballarat. Here, you will visit a quite crazy place that tells the story of the Australian gold rush firsthand. Sovereign Hill is an accurate reconstruction of a late 19th-century town, complete with characters in period costumes, carriages, and activities to do. Don't be put off by its somewhat touristy appearance; remember that playful aspects often have a lot to teach.

Accommodation: Sovereign Hill Hotel or similar

Day 7: Sovereign Hill - Castlemaine - Melbourne

Next stop, Castlemaine, a place that decided not to care about the passing of time. Founded in 1851 after the gold rush, this town of 7,500 inhabitants still authentically tells its story today. Among antique shops, artisan workshops, theaters, and steam trains, you can still experience that important period in Australian history. You will then return to Melbourne where you will drop off the car and spend the last night in the state of Victoria.

Accommodation: The Victoria Hotel or similar

Day 8: Train from Melbourne to Adelaide

In the morning, board the Overland train towards Adelaide, crossing the bush (the term for forests here) and the Grampians National Park. The train is the ideal mode of transportation to fully experience the theme of this itinerary.

Accommodation: Adabco Boutique Hotel or similar

Day 9: Adelaide - McLaren Vale

Collect your 4x4 car in Adelaide, and tonight you will not stay in the city but in an area famous for its wines and artistic spirit: McLaren Vale. It's worth taking it easy and fully savoring the atmosphere of this area. That's why we have planned a visit to a historic winery in McLaren Vale for you, where you will have the opportunity to explore beautiful vineyards, learn about all the stages of winemaking, and taste the products of renowned grapes. At the end of the visit, you can indulge your palate with a lunch accompanied by exquisite wines. Just make sure to reach your hotel only after you've processed all the alcohol, especially since an challenging journey awaits you tomorrow.

Accommodation: McLaren Vale Motel or similar
Included activity: Vineyard visit, wine tasting, and lunch

Day 10: McLaren Vale - Wilpena Pound (approximately 500 km - long journey)

Previously inhabited by Aboriginal people and known as Ikara in the Adnyamathanha language, this will be your first stop in the South Australian outback. Its name means "meeting place" or "initiation place": here, you will be immersed in that mystical and difficult-to-explain aspect that Australia is filled with.

Accommodation: Ikara Safari Camp

Day 11: Wilpena Pound

One of the best ways to appreciate this area is from above. That's why today we have arranged an exciting flight over Wilpena Pound: during the flight, you can admire the spectacular panorama of South Australia's outback and the Flinders Ranges, with rugged rocks and deep red gorges eroded over millions of years.

Accommodation: Ikara Safari Camp
Included activity: 1-hour flight over Wilpena Pound & Flinders Ranges

Day 12: Wilpena Pound - William Creek (approximately 500 km - long journey)

The journey continues inland, on dirt roads and red soil, scorched by the sun and embraced by the intense blue sky. The next stop is William Creek. With its population of ten, this is one of the most picturesque and incredible places in the country. From here, you can take beautiful scenic flights to enjoy the landscape from above, in those places once frequented by gold prospectors. And that's why we cannot miss giving you a unique 2-hour flight to see the painted hills of Anna Creek and the majestic Lake Eyre (Kati Thanda). A vast area of sandstone hills that display vibrant colors, accessible only by air. By flying over the area, you can also admire the Gibber Desert: its appearance will help you understand some of the symbols that frequently appear in Aboriginal art. The aerial view of Lake Eyre, Australia's largest inland lake, will give you an emotion that few have had the fortune to experience.

Accommodation: William Creek Hotel (accommodation only)
Included activity: 2-hour flight to Lake Eyre & Anna Creek Painted Hills

Day 13: William Creek - Coober Pedy (approximately 2 hours)

Continuing on dirt roads in the Australian desert, you will head to the most iconic and significant place of the gold rush: Coober Pedy. This town has remained just as it was during the mining era when miners lived underground to survive the heat.

Accommodation: Desert Cave Hotel or similar

Day 14: Coober Pedy - Port Augusta (540 km - long journey)

The journey to Adelaide is long. Take a rest in Port Augusta: this town, once a crucial port of call for trade into the outback, is now a starting point for many travelers venturing towards the Nullarbor Plain and the South Australian outback. It's appropriately called Crossroads because the Stuart Highway to the Red Center and the Eyre Highway heading west intersect here.

Accommodation: Majestic Oasis Apartments or similar

Day 15: Port Augusta - Adelaide (approximately 310 km)

We will spend this last day rejuvenating ourselves after the long journey. It was a challenging but equally unique and spectacular trip, suitable for those who still have that desire to travel, explore, and get a little dusty.

Accommodation: Adabco Boutique Hotel or similar

Day 16: Departure from Adelaide
Return the car and head back home, or perhaps to some other new Australian horizon. But that, of course, is another story.

© Itinerary conceived, created, and experienced by Paolo Aloe (Il Coccodrillo)

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